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Welcome to my company and author site Ruby Lion Press. I'm a fantasy and thriller writer that's a newbie on the scene after twenty-five years of writing. I say I'm new, but I'm an old soul, and out of that, for the first time, I am launching my works.

I'm currently working on making a true mark with my book series "Phait". I hope to have the first book done in the next year and perhaps you'll get a chance to see the adventure story my whole life has been leading to. It's incredibly complicated to navigate the story of everything while making a living at the day-to-day of 72 words per minute to nowhere in order to get to somewhere. Taking you with me along the way into pathways of impossible discovery is a personal and professional goal of mine. But, in the meantime, spend a little while here on my new site with a few of my writing samples from an MFA creative writing program that showed me what I had been missing all along. Publishing. 

In my moments of life where I've lived best, in my leading statement in who I am when I get it dead right? Well, I'll always say, "I'm just some guy".

Take me on my words. I'm the real deal. I'm the nobody from nowhere, and I'm just fine with that.


Writing Sample 1

A Society of Sedation

I've been a fan of Ray Bradbury all my life. My brother was the person who introduced me to The Martian Chronicles, Bradbury's writing on writing, and ultimately his masterpiece novel, Fahrenheit 451. I was so enthralled with my latest reading of the novel that I was recently inspired to write an article about this masterful work of Art. What is attached is my perceptions of the effects of his book on me personally, as well as an introduction to other readers into what has ultimately inspired me to become a writer of my own.


Writing Sample 2

Dirty Garments of the Athenians

In this work, I delve into an alternate life story of the great writer and philosopher, Sophocles. In this work I play heavily into the idea of tragedy in the life of the tragedian


Writing Sample 3: The Glass Grenade

I'm in the process of writing my second novel. This excerpt from the book "Phait: Act 1" is from the third chapter - a chapter that focuses heavily on the destruction of love.


Writing Sample 4

Phait: Act One

I've been working on a novel series. Click below to be taken to the detail.


About the Author

My Story -or something like it.

Benjamin Kuchera holds a BFA from the CalArts School of Film & Video. He also studied on a full scholarship at the Minneapolis College of Art in the PSEO program after achieving the highest score possible on the International Baccalaureate Fine Arts test. This equipped him to attend The School of the Art Institute of Chicago as an Illustrator before CalArts.

While at CalArts, Benjamin was the first student in the school's history to make a feature film on 16mm Kodak filmstock. Because of this major portfolio piece, Benjamin advanced his studies for two years in the masters program at the University of Cincinnati School of Design, Art, Architecture, and Planning on a full-ride scholarship.

Benjamin has worked in broadcast television, media management, New Media, script-to-screen and video editorial for 20 years in various business environments. He has been a copywriter and scriptwriter for a decade and worked with hundreds of clients across numerous agencies and companies. He crafted cinema and video programming as a producer, director, cinematographer, editor and writer across multiple series pieces. As a college teacher for two years, he trained hundreds of students in media, graphic design, drawing, media design as well as Art History and attained the highest student evaluation report scores in the University system's history.

Leading special projects, Benjamin created the world's first open age comic magazine with 124 comic illustrators, ran a small sole proprietorship media company, and won numerous awards. He has been an Emmy judge and won Davey and Telly awards for documentary cinema work.

Currently, Benjamin is working on his second MFA in Creative Writing and hopes to begin his Ph.D. in 2020 in something cool somewhere, but mostly because "Dr. K" sounds damn fine!

He is a proud father of 3 (which is the whole point).

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