Phait Quick Summary:

Phait: Act One follows the life of Marcus Phait, a comic creator whose life is about to be destabilized through a senseless act of violence.


Through the experience of comics. Art, memories, dreams, psychology, theology, space, time and physics, Marcus must find a way out of the world he is thrust within. The only way out is to fight, hope, love and pray.

Long Format Summary:

Phait: Act One is the first book in a trilogy following the life of comic creator Marcus Phait. In development as a primary framework novel that establishes a pathway for the series, this launch novel guides a reader in and through experiences that draw from complex elements of theology, spirituality, psychology, physics, and quantum mechanics. Freedom, fascism, and comics converge through a mix of the surreal and impressionistic, as the life of Marcus Phait tumbles into the desperate challenge of staying alive through adaptation.

Several years of research and development before writing began, this first book begins at the end of the start of a lost American civilization. To cope, men of the mind, whose dreams are all but lost, fall back to old patterns of brokenness, despair, and to the drink. A shattered spirit of a people in search of a meaningful future society is causing a rebellion of human will against new powers of control. These rising story-characters awaken to seeking a dramatically deeper understanding of themselves, each other and reality in order to outpace the new custom-built villains on the scene.

Through worlds of Art, poetry, architecture, and adventure, Phait: Act One is a book for readers waiting to go on a journey of and through the mind. Fantastically, real physical travel paces in tandem with the impossible subconscious as men work together to rescue the real world, the worlds of others and the unseen worlds that are seemingly impossible to perceive. This introduction narrative contains multiple storytellers that, at times, feel alive and directly communicating with each reader in a realtime relationship. The design of the book is such that through life, as a reader ages, changes or reflects, this book in many ways is a guide through the worlds of external and internal human discovery that are much more common to each person than expected. There is a universal experience to existence that each reader has a chance to engage in as the novels slowly expand into a wild non-stop ride. 


As our heroes fight against the brutes, the balance of goodness on Earth, the universe, and the metaverse meet alternate subconscious atomic collisions within circumstances that impact everyone and everything all at the same time. Characters will come to know and care about die along the series; others are born, reborn, and thrown into the increasingly curious and mysterious building entanglement of complex and conflicting forces equally at work to build and destroy. 


Marcus Phait is our hero who doesn't quite know what he's doing or where he's going. In order to navigate and function in the vast worlds of SynchroniCity, Marcus must master how to bring order and balance as a counterweight to the chaos of fields of confusion and untruth. To do well in SynchroniCity, ironically, one must enter not knowing quite what to do in the first place.


In the series, friends and enemies must migrate and navigate strange unseen worlds charged with hidden meaning. Once discovered and unpackaged, personal investigations into the experiences from within SyncroniCity brings forth substantial challenges to what it means to exist.

This first book follows the key characters of Marcus Phait, Lenny London, Jerry Jones, and Richard Reichenbacher -all men made up of talent, dreams, pain, and hope. These four men are inextricably connected and lead the way for each reader through the impossible adventure of personal meaning.


Phait: Act One